Wednesday, February 6, 2008

...made out of iron.

Being as real tough and brave as Iron Man was one of my childhood dreams. But I didn't take too long to realize that fiction will always be fiction and it can possibly happen if people are crazy enough to build such creation in order to fulfill their dreams or vengeance towards some dissatisfaction. However, the fact that I'm still able to inhale/exhale the cloud of cancer on which world has ‘the best’ to offer, I suddenly realized that human need more than one Iron Man created into this unjust world. But do they will bring the world peace or only bring more chaotic condition? "Power is the root of injustice and greed", a friend once said. I found the truth in his words. Anyway, thanks to Black Sabbath for the beautifully crafted 'Iron Man' song; the lyrics made me understand the whole picture. It made me sit back and relax in joy to the fullest.

"Why is there no peace in this world?"

"Because there are many people live with their own ideals".

It answered my question precisely.

+ Getting enough with 'Iron Man'? How about this 'Iron Monkey', then?


Anonymous said...

well lagu iron man tu memang sempoi lah!black sabbath memang genius ..well crafted lyrics n musick wise menawan kalbu sungguh..iron monkey lazat sungguh!!!

Zach Van Alley said...

Iron Man tak pernah iron baju.

Erkk... apa aku ngarut ni?