Sunday, September 14, 2008 the end of the myth.

I’m indeed all excited to know that there’s another H.P. Lovecraft inspired movie to be added after the ever successful Re-Animator, From Beyond, Necronomicon and among other that have been created years ago. But it was before I realized there are a lot of damages that was not accurately followed the myth as Lovecraft portrayed in his writings, which is very unforgivable to say the least. As an avid follower of this whole Cthulhu thingies, I must say that this is undeniably blasphemous at the highest stake of such mythology, compared to the fact of what LOLTHULHU (haha!) made is can be considered as FUN, while this one can be declared as hideously dishonorable for the fans of his writing, to jot down specifically. I know clearly that not all the live-action versions will be adapting all the scenes and the characters truly as what the writers described in their writing in order to fit the current situation, time taken place and whatnots. BUT this one has been truly a proven that the director was using the tale for his own purposes, as a propaganda substance. This some sort of lack of respect (or lack of research) towards other’s creation must be a result of a substandard effort.

Alright, I will not continue this raving disappointment forever as well as dissatisfaction from one of the cult followers’ site will elucidate about it more.

+ Okay, now hope The Dunwich Horror for the betterment.

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