Monday, September 22, 2008

on a gift and a birthday cake

Friends asked me what was the thing happened during my first birthday of being a husband. Well, as I’m not keen to celebrate it since ages ago, the feeling would be slightly the same even though Leila eagerly wants me to celebrate and offered me cake. But, upon her disappointment I dislike cake; the sweet stuff doesn’t go well for my taste bud. Hate to admit that I’m gradually not a sweet tooth kind of person, though I love to observe on how these sweet foods have been decorated in order to stimulate the appetite of those who loves it, the overwhelming donuts that plundered the food industry of Klang Valley tells it precisely, name it from Dunkin’ to Big Apple to J.Co etc. I know Leila very much love it, but it’s certainly not for me, it’s hard to see I may possibly consume the one whole piece of it. So, I refused to have a cake for my birthday (as well as donuts)… and to some extents I’ve also rejected the idea of her in getting me a brand new guitar as a birthday present, either acoustic or electric, even I want it as much as I love to strum and serenade it in front of her, I’m just dislike the idea of wasting money on something that’s not so important. Is it? But why? I just don’t know, maybe it’s just my feeling that said I shouldn’t be as selfish as I was when I’m still bachelor; anything would be fine if I spent the whole money for myself alone but not now since I’m married, I have to think twice for every hard-earned penny I’d be spent. I just don’t care about those gifts or cakes for birthday anymore as I reckon the best gift ever that I have is Leila as my wife is purely priceless and most precious to this day.

Eid is just seven days away, so it’s such a super thrilling to the bone as I will celebrate it as a husband for the first time. What would it be anyway?

I'm curious to know.


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