Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let it be.

Artist name: Mohd Zaki Ali
Title: Let it be.
Date: March 17, 2005

Explanation: This is actually a minimal conceptualism art which discussing about an attitude of the society whom like to ignore everything (especially something that considered as small or something that's not so important for them) and the title ("Let it be.") is about a phrase which always been spouting by the society when dealing with something they couldn't care less.

Further detail: Then why a plain white background and there's only a single word ("ignore") in the middle of it? The plain white background is a surrounding which explained the atmosphere of the society itself. The word ("ignore") has represented a disturbance that happens here. Even if the word not as big as the surface of the background, it's still can make a big impact to the whole space. It's same with the society's condition nowadays; the minor disturbance always being ignored eventhough it's actually STILL giving a contribution and leading it to a major disturbance itself. This could possibly happens when it's still being ignored again and again. It's just only taken the simplest word like this to make such a big impact.

+ Ignorance usually started with something that is being ignored and when we have no idea what the exact truth/meaning/phenomenon behind those things. In the other word, if we couldn't find any subjects that lie beneath an object.

The Purpose: This artwork is actually an experiment in provocation, the products of a conscious effort to break every rule of the artistic tradition, in order to create a new kind of art - one that engages the mind instead of the eye, in ways that provoke the observer to participate and think.
More explanation? Ask me for a further discussion.

*Originally posted in my previous blog on March 17th, 2005. Thank you.

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