Monday, January 22, 2007


I have a normal suicidal tendency
That pain which keeps me alive
This room of claustrophobic force
Fan spinnings, audio murmurings
Light of the bulb, tickling clock
Outside the windows, clanking noises
Machinery boasted down the road
No sign of nature, those songbirds
Seemingly unheard, extinction might be
Feeling of burning inside, I drew smiling lips
Punish me please, so I could stand up and rise above
Damn to them who silence
Praise the beheaded and blindfolded fools
Give me your hands, I want to kiss it goodbye
No more Mr.Nice Guy, no more Mr.Wise Guy
We're already polluted, all corupted
These cathartic razors, won't kill those pains.

*This poem which entitled "Catharsis" I wrote in my room somewhere around November 2006 and already had been posted in my previous blog ( on November, 29th 2006. No, no... this isn't about approaching commit suicide or killing ourselves. This is just a reflection when I've faced upon hard times; just read the last sentence "These cathartic razors... won't kill those pains", it's true enough that I'm not promoting any harmful suicidal acts. And it's also just merely said that I don't believe commit suicide is the answer for any difficulties or depressions. Reminder: I've no responsibility if someone killed him/herself after reading this. Better read this first to ease the pain before committing such acts: Duh!

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