Monday, June 29, 2009

summer days in june

Hi all!

It has been busy weeks since last month; final project, presentation, evaluation, submission, critic session, lotsa marking (hence the adjustment here and there... hehe), rearranged house furnitures, cleaning up studios etc whereas that can be only healed up by over 2 hours of superb speedy adrenalin rush of Transformers latest premise; Revenge of the Fallen, a hellish yet 'hot' atmosphere cocoon sized venue of the memorable d-beat/crust show; Pogo Punk Mengancam 2009, newly upgraded wireless streamyx, reinstalled the monthly bucks sucking tv programmes and many more 'good' things happened currently. However seriously, it was all tiring weeks and my muscles aching up endlessly that made me think to strip naked and soak this semi-helplessly human flesh of mine into a freshly warm jacuzzi (if there’s any… haha) without any further delay. -_-

But things didn’t just end up there, it would be towards the end of next month, me, Leila and co will be swarming around Bandung city, so the ‘spiritual’ healing continues. If you Bandung street crawlers happen to see us somewhere over there, just say “Hi!” and give us some treats, perhaps we'll have something for you in return. ^_^

I plan to bring some Nuisance Drilled stuffs like the CDEP, t-shirts, patches, stickers, buttons etc, so if anybody who reads this have any ideas where I should put these in Bandung or any shops/distros that you can recommend me, please let me know as soon as possible okay.

I've lost contact with Indonesian scene since about 4 years ago. So, there would be hard to catch it all up again for the meantime. Again, if you extremely familiar with the scene or know the right individuals to hook up with while we’re there (or simply 'that person’ is yourself) please do inform me and list me down the contacts right away.

Hopefully when I come back, I will be able to attend this gig at Embrace Hall. I just can't wait!

Okay, I think that’s all for now. See you again next time.



Anonymous said...

nnt aku pas kt ko nombor bdk2 kt bandung....


Zach Van Alley said...

thanks a lot. :)