Saturday, November 5, 2011

a dream? | vol: 2.5 | july 2010

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Probably some of you had known that A Dream? zine has involved in Homesick (omnibus zine) which released last year on October 2nd, 2010. But I'm pretty sure not all of you had the chance to read/get it. If you want a copy, you can still get it from Nizang, the kick starter of the project. He told me that he still has around 5 copies as his personal collection. So please be quick to ask and hopefully he is kind enough to sell it... or you might be losing your opportunity to own a piece of precious history that our scene has offered. It's already a year that zine has released... and I have asked Nizang personally whether it's okay to upload my part (A Dream?) in this blog in order to let you guys reading it for free. To my surprise, his reply was positive. And f
or those who had missed it, here you go, the Vol: 2.5 for you to witness. Cheers!

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