Friday, May 7, 2010

Helen Woodson?

After downloading 'A Dream?' no.2 from, I read it all thoroughly and I found it exhilarating in terms of the collected memories behind it as well as persons/names that are included. Wifey also contributed artworks. I thank her a lot for the contributions even though now she thinks that the artworks are an embarrassment. No wifey, it was lovely... and I love it all, truly.

Among other, I almost forgot in that issue I've also included a letter by Helen Woodson, a political prisoner jailed in Fort Worth, Texas. And based on the several sites I've visited, she is currently 'resides' in Bates County Jail, Missouri since 2004 after being released in only two days from the previous imprisonment. What the? But she seemed to know about it beforehand when in the letter she wrote, "The 2005 release date is just a guess, since I have several sentences, and the final date has not yet been computed". The rest of it you can read at her letter above extracted from my zine.

I've always portrayed her as the 'Western Phoolan Devi', with the bravery she has and notorious in her own way.

Below here are the sites about her, click for more information.
+ Peace activist receives 51-month prison term
+ Woodson Out and In Again
+ Helen Woodson in Kansas City Federal Court

And for more information about activists live behind bars:
+ Earth First! Action Update

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