Sunday, August 16, 2009


Despite the oath that I've made in
the only entry I wrote in May, I would like to make an announcement that there's a new MySpace page for Nuisance Drilled. Yes, I deliberately lied about it last time when I've blatantly informed that it will never be any other MySpace site for the band since the last one had officially closed/dormant. Oath is made to be broken anyway, so to speak... then henceforth you can find the new page over here. Besides this new page there are always another accounts/pages of Nuisance Drilled as well that you can find the links somewhere in this blog or the blog in that MySpace account. But for an easier alternative, simply type 'Nuisance Drilled' in Google Search; I bet you can dig something out of it concerning to the band itself.

On a lighter note, new formation has been built and we have practiced once in the early August. Different members mean different taste, direction, atmosphere and sounds, so be prepared for any latest news and consequences.

Added to it, a new song (still incomplete though) has been uploaded. Do check it out in the new MySpace profile. I'm also thought of uploading the 1st rehearsal of the song (with vocals) soon... but not sure about it yet. Maybe not.

And more to come for sure, so the rest is for you to wait.

Oh, one more thing, how about I leave you guys with the review in Hilarious, isn't it? Haha.

Till then, take care.


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