Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Nothing much to say lately resulted from the super busy mode that I have been dealing since the early of this month. Perhaps this is the only entry for the 5th month of the year 2009. June would be a little bit more relaxing as I reckon and expect more posting during that time. Is it? I’m actually not sure what the future holds for me, but at the moment just let me hibernate for a while and rest from anything that related to this blog site. Nevertheless, there would be an update or two in the other site of mine at dogmaartisticguerrilla blog site. No personal issue/doodad will be posted there anyway, just a little bit information towards the label thingies and the other businesses.

Before I forgot, the MySpace of Nuisance Drilled (of which my only band for now) isn’t represent the current news/condition of what’s actually circulating around us the band itself. It is simply because I’ve lost the login password as far as I remember since the early 2007. No, I’m not gonna try to retrieve that site and also not intended to make another one. By saying this it means no MySpace site for Nuisance Drilled and never will be. Thus don’t be so dim-witted to send any comments or mails through it. You’ll NEVER get any reply in return. But you may possibly be able to witness a little bit of the history left in there to get to know us in the past etc. Any communications related to Nuisance Drilled should be forwarded to dogmaartisticguerrilla@gmail.com and any updates/news will be informed via dogmaartisticguerrilla blog site along with the other relevant subjects as well.

So, you’ve been told. Until then, take care.

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