Friday, May 16, 2008

Technology Bites

It was about 30 minutes ago, one of my colleagues showed me several websites featured articles about the hazardous of Crocs sandals. Most of the victims were children and it has been said that the usual humongous culprit of this case was the ever ‘useful’ escalator. Ironically the blame was on the Crocs itself alone. I’m not quite sure about the exact reason on how Crocs should be blame in the first place. And as a non-user of Crocs products without doubt I’m not get used to its mechanism and whatnots, thus this news definitely doesn’t affect me in whatever condition it may takes. But somehow is it really doesn’t affect me at all?

As far as I’m concern, it’s always being like this; when something failed to work properly then we’ll simply put blame on others just like it was flawless on the other side. So does with these escalators, when it was failed to be ergonomics for the certain footwear (like Crocs), then we blatantly put the blame on that footwear alone. Then the blame being extended to the users concerning to their attitude when they’re using the footwear and so on. How lame is that? It is now actually the time to scrutiny back about the certain dysfunctional matter of those stuffs related and allegedly the total action by any mean necessary should be taken towards the continuous hiccups.

Though, I do concern a lot about children and their behaviours; the aggressiveness, eager to learn and the keen to explore things that’s considered new to them. Yet, it wasn’t that surprising for me to hear/read such news like aforementioned.

Back to the old days when I was very young, I can be considered as one of the ‘extrovert’ kind of children. I deal a lot with the harmful of nature; climbing up the trees/hills, swimming across the river or even simply like playing whatever environment can offer me that time. Most of the scars that I have and still embedded until now were the result of my sort of hyperactive child I was back in those days. As a child, I was also aware about the danger that I would face in order to fulfil my satisfaction in every outdoor activities I was involved. And I know, those risks that I get from nature is actually a ‘gift’ resulted from my mischievous manners. It is nature and we know that anytime, anyhow we’ll back to it sooner or later. So, for me it wasn’t a big deal at all when I’m facing any circumstance cause by nature itself.

But then came with a question; how about the condition of the children of today? Do they deal the same situation like us back from the good old days? Do they playing around with nature as their playground like we did before? Do we share the same ground with them in terms of enjoying the childhood? The answer would probably no; we’re not sharing the same memory with this new kind of children. Almost all of them never ever touch the mud, feeling the breeze of countryside and don’t know how to differentiate between a cow and a buffalo. So forth most of them don’t even know that climbing up the hills is better and enjoyable rather than running up/down the escalator of our highly beloved ‘prestigious’ shopping centre. Now we can see that children of today are actually surrounded by the technology… the so-called modern world; concrete and machinery is their playground.

Different from ours, we dealt with nature. We have been pampered by the Mother Nature since the very beginning of our lives. The nature will not betray us, IF we take care of it as it’s should be taking care of in the first place. Will that works for those machines and as well with the technology itself? I’m still remember once I wrote in my old (self-published) publication that human is actually should own the technology, unlike nowadays that obviously the technology is squeezing humankind in its gluttony hand. Is it still usable to keep the old proverb that said, “The future is in our hand”?

Above all matters, then how about the children and future generations? Only we know the truth behind it all.

And please do keep in mind that whatever things written here about the polemic between the Crocs, the escalator and as well with the technology as a whole, it was actually never change my stance (even an ounce) towards Crocs that they’re actually the most ugliest (and non-practical) sandals/shoes ever invented no matter how fashionable people thinks they are. I’m also hoping that we’ll be having more user friendly and harmless escalators in the near future or else the existence of those escalators that we’re already have now will be demolished forever from this earth. Product designers, developers and those who have the certificate of Mechanical Engineering whatsoever, please do take note on this. Haha! Yes, finally I managed to laugh at this last phrase, on the matter of fact that I’ve finally made somewhat a ‘sensible’ joke for today! It works for me, at least.

Thank you.

+ A special thanks definitely goes to Tunku Syarila (a friend and a concern mother) for pointed out this topic at the first place. Gracias!

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