Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stupid Cunts!

"i dont understand about the increasing price of RM0.50 per card. i've waited for the design of the card and the amendments since end of April. There are not a lot of major amendments! This is frustrating. I've wasted weeks and found out at the end you charge me extra 50 cents? I should get a discount for your in the workshop, busy with events excuses , not replying my smses...but instead i receive this? I dont think i agree with this. This is not what i've expected after waiting one week for simple amendments.. Im cancelling the order. you guys need to be more efficient and professional in this business. I'm so not going to recommend your service to my friends..Such a waste of time."

+ Haha! Okay, the title that I put up there was so 'unprofessional' (ahh... fuck this word!), I know. But who cares anyway? This is my blog, I can put any title or whatever article that I want to put in here. If you don't like it, just make your own blog then. It'll be all yours, by the way.

And, IF you wonder what's with the quote up there actually all about. Just click here for further explanation.

But, before you read it, I want you guys to know that we're actually designers ourselves. The idea of getting another so-called 'designer' to do the work for us is actually it was the matter of time that we have to take care of another things that need to be done by ourselves. So, in having other people do it for us, we thought it was a good idea to lighten a bit our job. It was also an idea to honouring a designer like ourselves, plus by having the appropriate designer (with a handful of 'cool' designs) might seems special for both us. And it was also actually a way to support an independent designer (like us), with hope that they'll succeeded with their designing works and such. But, it was turned the other way round. And it's all been fukked up. Alrite, now you can proceed to read the link given up there.

Muchas gracias!


syibb said...

I told Leila they're not designers, just mere template editors.

Zach Van Alley said...

True... true.