Monday, December 31, 2007

How soon is now?

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This gonna be the last post of 2007 and to tell you my exact emotion right now; I feel relieve for what 2007 have done to me.

Being out of job on December 2006 and then began to work with a bad [and almost full throttle shitty] atmosphere working place on February 2007 wasn’t a good way to start a new year

Frankly speaking, I’m not a person with a well built new resolution in every single New Year whenever it has knocked on my door and I’m also not a good life planner myself whatsoever. But life has led me fairly a good quiet life since July 2007 whenever I’ve been decided to take myself on a secluded place and try to find myself even more intimate.

And to my surprised, I’m finally got engaged in 2007. Not only me, but my entire family and close friends even shocked while I’m saying that I wanted to get engaged. Well, for me it’s not a big deal since I’ve actually predicted that I’ll be getting married by the age of 30. As this year on September I’m already 29, so on July 2008 it’ll be just another 2 months to reach 30. She’ll be about 26 and 4 month years old, which is the right time for us to get into another phase. We’ve been through some of ups and downs a lot since 1999, and on the next year it’ll be 9 years we’ve been sharing bittersweets of life. And now it has been already 9 days of our engagement. All this while, it’s so far so good.

But it is actually a thing called love for the most part of it. Sorry, I’m not good in explaining how does love is vital for me. But like what Morrissey have said, “I am human, and I need to be loved, just like anybody else does”. I think it’s good to explain everything.

Literally, I have to put aside some of the projects awhile, be it the upcoming zine or the release of my band. I’ve to concentrate on my wedding reception [and whatnots] soon. But the progression of those projects is now reached almost 60% of development. So, don’t worry about that. Do wish me luck for now and then. Thank you.

See you all next year!


zeezam said...

good luck :D

Anonymous said...

good in luck in your future endevour bro for me .my life is pretty mess up ....getting old ..financially broke ...oh that life i guess...see you soon ...xull khesom

Zach Van Alley said...

Zeezam: Thanks and you good luck too.

Xull khesom: No one shall predict or tell whether someone’s life is mess or good. Only we know ourselves better than other. By the way, you good luck too brother… may the future be with you. Do call me whenever you land your feet in KL.