Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting ready for the next big thing!

The new Neurosis album entitled "Given To The Rising" will be released worldwide on Neurot Recordings in May 2007. For the meantime, a mp3 by the song title "Water Is Not Enough" can be downloaded at their official homepage, and can be heard at Neurot's MySpace account, This is the 10th studio album (including a collaboration album "Neurosis & Jarboe" in 2003) by the highly influential Experimental/Progressive Sludge Metal monster from Oakland, California, USA. The new album contained 10 songs and it has been said through this album that they've coming back to their 90's sound; from "The Word As Law" (1990) to "Times of Grace" (1999). This is Neurosis, man... you should buy this record. Highly recommended!

Track listing:
1. Given to the Rising
2. Fear & Sickness
3. To the Wind
4. At the End of the Road
5. Shadow
6. Hidden Faces
7. Water Is not Enough
8. Distil (Watching the Swarm)
9. Nine
10. Origin

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