Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Locos Furioso at Lil’ Havana this February 23rd, 2007 (Friday)

Interesting facts and the reason why you have to come:

1. Because it's including Modar! They formed back in 1989 and being the only band whom playing Doom Metal at the time. This is the first time they performing after hibernated for a long time.
2. It's MUZE mannn.... it's our opportunity to see at least MUZE instead of the costly MUSE concert. It's also a chance to see At The Drive In and Mars Volta alike act right in front of our own eyes! Total 3 comes in 1 packaging, man!
3. Klangmutationen has been said implying a Khanate-ish sounds of embryonic. So, I hope that I can get stoned in a full speed ahead without taking any anorexious drugs.
4. Onani. What else do you need after Spermblast? Renkong Tekeluaq? Or even Humiliated Grapes? This Porn Grind contingent are ready to rumble. Anal Cunt in your face!
5. Nah... last but not least, my very own band; Nuisance Drilled. The sound tastes like stirring shit with bunghole hairs and Indian curry. Pretty disturbing, isn't it?

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aedie said...

Bro just found ur blog today,damn miss the show...hw's life...

Zach Van Alley said...

The show was okay. And my life quite okay too. But, hey... what's life would be if it's not including anything related to 'up and down'?