Monday, September 5, 2011 dire need of ALF!

+ Imej dicilok dari tanpa kebenaran. Jimbo, aku ambik logo ni eh? Terima kasih.

Logo di atas sememangnya ada kena mengena dengan entri kali ini. Cuma, aku malas nak cerita panjang lebar. Sebentar tadi aku ada komen satu entri di pasal kes kekejaman Petknode. Pet what? Dia kejam pasal apa? Baca je komen aku kat bawah ni dan check url entri tu di sini. Terima kasih.

"· zach September 6, 2011 at 2:05 pm #

My thought is with you _ _ _ _. A reasonable and diplomatic one.

Me and my wife both are working on a daily basis (except on weekends of course). We have a 6-month old baby girl and a cat with us now of which my parents in law in charge of taking care both of them while we’re off to work.

Of course we’re having an enormous reluctant when leaving both of them at home, but (so far) we don’t have any choice instead of letting others to babysit them. That’s the least we can do to make sure they’re in the safe hands that can be trusted. Furthermore, my parents in law insist to do so. It’s definitely a huge relief for both of us.

But still, during last Raya I sent our cat to boarding service because I’m afraid that my parents in law wouldn’t have much time to take care of him. You know, Hari Raya… everybody is busy with the celebration and might as well going out to visit relatives, friends, neighbours etc that would take for hours daily or could be sometimes until late night. Or perhaps busy with guests that visited. So in order to avoid our cat being neglected, we chose to send him to boarding service that happens to be our cat’s vet. And after 5 days in there, I took him out last Thursday… found out he’s all healthy and fat. Therefore we’re lucky enough to find such a good place for our cat contrary to what has happened at Petknode… it is extremely a huge gap.

We even planned to bring him with us to my kampung, but to think about the limited space of our car (plus our baby also on board), thus we decided to put him at the boarding service as aforementioned.

So, _ _ _ _… think about others’ condition before spitting words of disdain or any blatant accusation. Because it’s not as easy as you might think for one to make a decision or an action.


+ Kenal Zeezam dan Rina? Gambar mereka ada dalam artikel ini. Cool kan?


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wajay said...

ceehhh...anak di keta dibawak balik kampong, kucing sekor dihantar hotel!