Tuesday, February 23, 2010

still a worthless bible for hipsters

Now they've blocked it (what a fascist... so much about freedom of speech/expression eh?) and let the 'questions' remain unanswered. Okay cool.

You confused? Read here.

And then read my statement below here of which I tried to sent it there but can't get through:

Thanks Zedeck for answering on behalf of Jason Lim,

"Are you opposed to the act of suicide?"
I thought my words are self-explanatory. In case you don’t get what I mean; Yes, I am. And how about you in return?

"Why are you opposed to it? According to what creed/moral code?"
To take our life by our own hands is not a wise thing to do; it is an act of losers. No matter how bad life’s treating us, we have to bear in our mind that life should go on and everything is gonna be alright someday. Yes, things couldn’t change in a blink of our eyes, so be it, deal with it and rock the hell out of what life can offer us. Struggling is a never ending treatment that one should experience, until the right time will come upon us, so we could (perhaps) rest in peace and in proper way. I don't believe commit suicide is the answer for any difficulties or depressions. It just won’t solve anything in return. So, can you read between the lines yourself of which moral code I was referring to? And then, in which moral code 'slash your wrists on Valentine's day' fall into instead? Mind to elaborate?

"Who then, according to your principles, is allowed to take lives?”
Read above answer. Will you?
And who do you think you allow taking your life instead?

"Do you think that employing the phrase "slash your wrists to" in a blog post on KLue will encourage young, confused youth to off themselves? “
Nah… life is like nothing for you. So ‘promoting suicidal act’ is a common thing and CURRENTLY (?) an acceptable phrase in popular culture? Not in my concern though. I thought it would be something else?

As you pointed out whether this post ‘will encourage young, confused youth to off themselves’. I think yes it is. I am aware that the KLue readers are among youngsters, so that’ll be answering your question.

Allow me to repeat this: Freedom of speech is nice but if you have nothing constructive to say, why say anything at all?

Now, give me Jason Lim.

So, that's about it. What a worthless bible for hipsters they've become lately.



useni said...

btol tu zaki,,,,ko jgn layan je mags2 trendy tu,,,,biarpun setakat mane diorang cube nak promote musik scene/diy??,,dan art,,tapi setakat mane sangat...kan

useni said...

Siape yang bentuk budaya popular?sape pulak yg menetapkan trend?Ape yg Chic,cool,vogue,In thing,?Bosan.....Diorang tu sape?..............Penat je struggle utk scene Punk Rock....reader mags2 tu kena get a life,,find a better culture to get busy with,,or create a new one,,,they need to be active and participative,,jgn jadi kambing konsumerisma.

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Zach Van Alley said...

diorang bodo tu. tak boleh nak ditolong dah. kah kah. :D