Saturday, March 28, 2009

Notes for the end of March.

Note 1:
Few minutes ago I've been blown by this new thrashcore act, Thrash Ohooii!! They're likely a reincarnation of What Happens Next?, I must say. But, the band's name is quite turn off. Okay, okay, by the way it's their choice to have any name they like. To tell the truth, I've failed to check them out from the first time I heard about TxOx few weeks ago, this is resulted from the first impression that I've had towards them: The name doesn't rings any (thrash) bell of mine. I'm looking forward to see them live. So, gig organizers out there, please book them for your shows... they're so worth it to be in your list.

Note 2:
"Work is a terrible thing, that's why they paid us to do it". Heard this quote last week during the leadership workshop held by the management of my workplace. Not so boring event, since they have this Q&A session which allowed participants to voice out and speak their mind about the related subjects, whole program etc. Thus the quote aforementioned succeeded to tickle my funny bone. I have to remind you that it's not that easy to make me laugh. Is it? Just kidding. :)

Note 3:
Shelter is coming to Malaysia. I'm super excited about this. Back in 1994/95, I was clean shaven head, wore grey hoodie, baggie pants, skate shoes (or sandals with white socks on), wooden bead necklace, chained wallet and anything that's 'Hardcore' back then. I have a confession to make; I love Shelter as much as I love Youth of Today and Better Than A Thousand. Period.

Note 4:
The 4th full length of San Diego deathgrind, Cattle Decapitation is finally out after the 2006's Karma.Bloody.Karma. Can't wait to have this newly released, "The Harvest Floor" to be played in my audio next month (at least). Mp3 downloading? I'll give it a try. Heh.

Note 5:
Earth Hour. Me and Leila was so much into this and have already switched off all the lights of our home since 4:00 pm, then we're off to Bukit Damansara. During the act of Earth Hour from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, we were at The Curve with mommy for nothing else than... hmm... shopping! Leila even tried her jeans in total darkness. Meanwhile our home is definitely in darkness with Pito alone in it. T_T. Candles? What a waste! They should save it for a real blackout.

Note 6:
I'm counting days for a debut CDEP of Nuisance Drilled to be released this April 1st. This ain't April Fool, okay. It's a co-release between Revulsion Records and Dogma Artistic Guerrilla. Thanks to Talib and everybody's involved for the good deed. \m/

Note 7:
Today (March 29th) is Leila's birthday. Happy birthday my love. I love you to the deepest bone. Hope you like the prezzie. :*

+ Okay, I leave you all with the new video by Cattle Decapitation of their song, "Regret & The Grave". Enjoy (here)!


D.B Press said...

bang. cuba tengok ni: :)

p/s: abang dijemput menulis.

Zach Van Alley said...

apa abang-abang ni? malulah i. :)

dijemput menulis? menarik.

dalam bahasa melayu atau inggeris?

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