Saturday, November 22, 2008

Johnny who?

Few minutes ago I was browsing thru the YouTube searching for any videos by Johnny Cash and also hoping to see some geniuses playing their own tune doing covers of anything’s J. Cash. But what I’ve found is rather satisfying and entertaining: My friend Apizz is among those YouTubers displaying their magical fingers beating the memorable J. Cash chords of ‘I Walk The Line’!

Being one of his closest friends back then, I had always witnessed such progression of his ability to bend the strings and assure that he has the skills that could melt any guitar heroes out there if given enough time/space to expand more of such talent.

Kudos to him.

Down here is the J. Cash’s anthem ‘I Walk The Line’ cover and at the second one is the flawlessly cover of Doraemon theme song.

Pardon his torso-naked though :). Enjoy!

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