Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A homage.

Photo taken from here.

A best friend and always a good man, Muhamad Syukree Hussain passed away today, December 17th, 2008. I'm actually a bit speechless and couldn't really believe right after received SMSes and phone calls
from friends about this news.

With Leila, I drove along from Cyberjaya to catch Fahmi at his workplace around 12:30 pm and managed to reache
d University Hospital approximately around 12:50 pm. Without taking much time, there I saw myself for the first time he lied down peacefully rest in eternal peace, very much alike his usual posture I've seen when he slept.

Then the second time at 3:00 pm, again I visited him before bidding farewell for the last time. Judging to his calm presence I assure he'll be okay.

Syukree, y
ou'll be surely missed by many.


+ More, more, more and more.

++ Just recently (3: 15 am, December 18th, 2008) I realized that in his facebook he wrote "
seorang yang bermimpi untuk hidup di dunia yang lain" for the 'About Me:' section. It means he already knew that he was about to leave this world soon before his sudden departure...


Anonymous said...

Heh, gambar ni aku tangkap.
Masa ni kat dome, dia nak aku blanja kopi.
Rest in peace syuk

-syafiq sunny

aedie azrul said...

aku link ke blog aku...

Zach Van Alley said...

Syafiq Sunny: Thanks ya. So, I beg your permission to put this picture in here, okay. What a nice atmosphere you guys had over there. Kudos for this well captured picture too.

Yes, Rest In Peace Syukree.

Aedie: Alright, much appreciated bro.

zeezam said...

siapa yg boleh lupa kan dia?
ralat btl aku sbb tak dpt gi UH semalm.

semoga dia tenang di sana...

Zach Van Alley said...


ya, tiada siapa boleh lupakan dia.

ramai juga yang datang melawat. aku pasti dia dapat melihat.

semoga dia tenang di sana.

Sue Anna Joe said...

Padanlah Leila contact aku, taktau plak ko agak close ngan arwah.

Fon aku bateri kong seperti biasa. Baru charge dan on tadi, tengok ada call dan mesej.

Sorry weh.

Zach Van Alley said...

Aku memang close dengan arwah since korang (kau & Leila) kenal dia.

Kita doakan arwah sejahtera di sana.

Siti Jenar AKA said...

teringat aku masa2 kita kat subang dulu. masa arwah kena pukul, ilang motor. al-fatihah

Zach Van Alley said...

Jera: Kita doakan arwah sejahtera di sana.